Grace Hwang Named Studio Artist-in-Residence at Camera Obscura Lab in Santa Monica
Posted 02/16/2017 02:58PM


We’re thrilled to announce that Wildwood middle school art teacher Grace Hwang has been named studio artist-in-residence at the Camera Obscura Art Lab in Santa Monica through April 15, 2017. Grace's work incorporates two-dimensional work on paper as well as movement and performance. Throughout the residency term, she will be facilitating community workshops that address the complementary and contradictory themes of memory and forgetting, grieving and hope. These workshops include: collage, drawing with movement/dance, artist publications, as well as inviting collective actions on intersectionality and solidarity through discussion, cultural foods, and historic walks.

Grace’s current artistic focus is on the 1992 Los Angeles Uprising, as the 25th anniversary nears. Her residency at Camera Obscura will culminate on April 15 with a mixed-media (sound, movement/dance, image) presentation informed and inspired by what was uncovered in her workshops (RSVP here). She recently presented "sa-yi-gu: the fire (this) next time"—a performance piece—at the Hammer Museum and Highways Performance Space, in collaboration with artist Heisue Chung-Matheu.