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Mastery Transcript Consortium

Today’s students require both the content of a traditional education and one that provides them with the skills and experience to trust themselves to identify and be the creators of new information.

As a nationally and internationally recognized thought leader in research-based educational practices, Wildwood is part of a growing consortium of more than 405 schools (281 independent and 124 public) around the country who are leading the charge for a better way.

A New High School Transcript

Wildwood School is one of 18 Founding Members of the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC). Urban and rural, large and small, boarding and day, coed and single gender, traditional and progressive—the consortium’s members have one thing in common: the knowledge that the system currently in place isn’t structured to be in service to the young people in our care. Thus, together with schools as varied as Andover, Exeter, Dalton, Milton, and Punahou, Wildwood is working to change it.

The Mastery Transcript values the higher order skills necessary for success in college and career. As the college admission process faces mounting scrutiny, the Mastery Transcript Consortium represents a sea change, as it conveys to admissions officers a deeper, more authentic story about a student: the skills and content they've mastered, who they are, how they have grown, what they love, and who they want to be.

Wildwood is one of 18 founding members of the Mastery Transcript Consortium.

In 'unschooling school' and in charging students with becoming architects of their own learning, you have unleashed something in your community that is as exciting as it is powerful.          - John Gulla E.E. Ford Foundation, Founder of the Wildwood Institute Model