Alumni Spotlight: Theresa Reish '10
Posted 12/16/2016 04:42PM


A freelance makeup artist who graduated with honors in Studio Art from Clark University after attending Wildwood, Theresa Reish ’10 is bursting with passion and creative energy that truly shine through her work.

As a participant in the RAW Natural Born Artists show in Hollywood earlier this year, Theresa showed four models in beauty looks inspired by “David Bowie, Yeezy Season 2, and Kindergarten.” Her website and Instagram are also chock full of gorgeous custom makeup and hair styles.

Befittingly, Theresa's long term goal is to be an on-set makeup artist for movies and television. She can trace this dream back to her time at Wildwood, when she completed an internship at Chroma Makeup Studio, which she says was a "huge influence."