Alumni Spotlight: Jay Goodfader '82
Posted 09/29/2017 02:15PM


When it comes to Wildwood, Jay Goodfader has a unique perspective as both a parent (his son Ty is in 3rd grade) and an alumnus. Although the world has changed over the past 35 years, Jay says that many things he remembers so fondly from his time as a student are still making an impression on students today. Group projects, Big Yard, singing in All School Meetings, and reading classics like Charlotte’s Web and The Hobbit with teachers are also some of the activities Ty enjoys the most at Wildwood.

Another enduring theme at Wildwood is the commitment of faculty to inspiring students’ love of learning. In the 1980s, Jay’s 5th grade teacher arranged for him to meet his hero, Buckminster Fuller—a famous architect, scientist, and systems theorist—which fueled Jay’s interest in science and history as well as his entrepreneurial spirit. When considering schools for his son, Jay was impressed by Wildwood’s teachers, who reminded him of his own 5th grade teacher in their commitment to fostering intellectual curiosity.

Upon graduating high school, Jay attended Tufts University and earned two degrees—a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Ancient History. Today, Jay runs a number of businesses, including his family’s restaurant, The Sidewalk Café in Venice.