Student Leadership Retreat Cultivates Future Organizers
Posted 09/20/2018 02:26PM

The first Wildwood Student Leadership Retreat for middle and upper school students was a day filled with deep thinking, new perspectives, and team-building collaboration. In a pre-retreat survey, attendees were asked to share their thoughts on leadership. At the opening session, Landis said that reading these thoughts reminded him that, "The future is bright-especially if Wildwood students are serving in leadership roles!" 

Retreat participants were inspired to address school-specific challenges or questions they hope to solve as school leaders. Using a thoughtful, process-oriented approach to problem-solving, they learned ways to apply leadership skills in various areas of their lives at Wildwood and beyond. 

The students then used the CliftonStrengths assessment to find five personal strengths to find out what kind of leaders they are; played Spaceteam, a game that showed them how to utilize those strengths; and practiced communication techniques for tackling difficult conversations and challenges at school.

To continue the leadership exploration throughout the school year, "Lunch-and-Learn" sessions will be open to all students who see themselves as leaders or aspiring leaders in various communities within the larger school.

Thank you to Regan Galvan (director of student life), Jaimi Boehm (assistant director of middle and upper schools), and Callie Kamada (director of the newest Wildwood Institute, the Institute for Social Good and Community Leadership) for structuring and facilitating the day.