Wildwood ELECTure Series Discusses Democracy
Posted 11/03/2020 11:05AM

Wildwood School is committed to cultivating spaces where students, parents, faculty, and staff can consider critical questions about what makes a healthy democracy. More than ever, these discussions call upon us to use the Habits of Perspective, Evidence, and Common Good, specifically.

This ELECTure video series was created out of this desire. In these four episodes, Wildwood elementary and middle and upper faculty share thought-provoking discussions that explore issues related to democracy, community, and civic engagement.

Part 1:

In Part 1 of the ELECTure Series, Upper School History Teacher Deb Christenson explores the roots of American democracy.

Part 2:

Assistant Director of Middle and Upper School (and Upper School Humanities teacher) Vanessa Stotland discusses how poetry is a tool that can be used to uplift, gain perspective, and make sense of challenging times. The poems and essays discussed in Vanessa's video have been collected here.

Part 3:

What can 5th graders teach us about democracy? Patience, perseverance, and perspective. In Part 3 of our ELECTure Series, 5th Grade Lead Teacher Monique Marshall share the tools our elementary students are creating to teach themselves, and their younger classmates, about the political process.

Part 4:

Why is it important for people with different political beliefs to talk to each other? In such a divisive election and polarized political environment, is this sort of engagement even possible? In this ELECTure Series episode, Upper School Science and Senior Seminar Teacher Scott Johnson relies on the tenets of philosophy to help transform disagreements into productive conversations.