5th Grade "Artivist" Project and Poetry Museum
Posted 06/03/2019 10:45AM

For 5th grade's social justice project, students explored unjust and oppressive systems. They studied the "isms" of racism, homophobia/heterosexism, sexism, and ableism. Combining art and activism, and turning their learning into action, student "artivists" created posters that combine photography and original poetry. The posters, meant to educate the local community about the unjust systems that affect these groups, will be displayed at local businesses (listed below). Click here to see all of the posters. 

To create their posters, students met, interviewed, and photographed people who self-identify as members of these groups as their subjects. As it says in the artist statement that accompanies each work, "All of us can be a part of continuing to change the unfair systems so that everyone will feel safe being who they are.”

At a presentation that combined their social justice project and annual poetry museum, these 5th grade "artivists" read some of their poems and presented their subjects with prints of the final posters. A video of the process, created by junior Devon H., showed students confidently explaining the project to the local business owners. Students then acted as docents around the Commons, showing their parents their innovative 3D poetry displays, informative statistics about the "isms," and resources for their families to engage in activism.

Remember, kids can be activists too!

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