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Multicultural Leadership Institute

As a lab for the future of education, we put theory into practice every day in every classroom at Wildwood School, and believe the work we’re doing here can be useful to other schools. Every summer, educators from across the globe join us for Wildwood School’s Multicultural Leadership Institute (MLI), a multi-day seminar that leverages current research and best practices with Wildwood’s institutional experiences. Hosted by the Wildwood Outreach Center, it is designed for schools seeking to create and sustain authentically diverse, equitable, and inclusive schools and allows all participants to consider, refine, and generate strategies to enact change in their school culture, faculty development, curriculum, and more. Please click here to learn more and register.

I am thankful for how MLI challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone, challenge my thinking, and inspire change.

Multicultural Leadership Institute (MLI) participant

The Multicultural Leadership Institute is one of the hallmark programs of the Wildwood Outreach Center. 


Meet Steve Barrett, Director of Outreach



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