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Student Leadership Development

Leadership at Wildwood

As a home in the world for our students, the opportunity to implement and advance the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging begin right here on campus.

DEIB is not just something that is taught—at the upper school level, it is students themselves that lead Students of Color affinity meetings and work directly with faculty and Director of Equity and Inclusion Karen Dye on initiatives and events such as the Multicultural Symposium that features a day of programs, special sessions, and speakers.

Upper School

Students Attend the NAIS Diversity Leadership Conference

Leadership in the World

Each year, Wildwood students take part in the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, a multiracial, multicultural gathering of student leaders from across the United States. The conference, which runs in conjunction with the NAIS People of Color Conference, provides an opportunity for our students to self-reflect, form allies, and build community with students from other independent schools. 

Closer to home, Wildwood students are annual organizers and participants of SoCalPOCIS Student Voices and Students Stay Woke, two programs sponsored by (and previously hosted by) Wildwood that provide students with the opportunity to connect, share their experiences, and lead the charge for change.

Diverse cultural identities, world views, aspirations, and beliefs strengthen the Wildwood learning experience.

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DEIB Mission Statement


Middle and Upper

Multicultural Symposium Returns to Wildwood



What Makes Us Wildwood: A Vibrant Home in the World