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Commitment and Leadership

Our Commitment

Wildwood was founded on the premise of equity and social justice, and has a longstanding and respected commitment to the values of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

From our thoughtfully designed K-12 curriculum and student programs to faculty professional development, affinity groups, and signature programs such as the Multicultural Leadership Institute and Parent Multicultural Collaborative, we strive to integrate these values into all dimensions of the Wildwood experience.

Staff Profile

Meet Karen Dye, Director of Equity and Inclusion

As one of the voices at the forefront of DEIB work in K-12 education, Karen is inspired daily by the ways Wildwood students and colleagues put the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into practice.


Our Leadership

DEIB Leadership Team

The DEIB Leadership Team, made up of specially trained faculty and staff, focuses on programs and policies that further the school’s goals. The team leads diversity training for all faculty to support them in effectively engaging students and other colleagues in healthy dialogue that explores diverse perspectives and experiences, deepens understanding and empathy, and helps transform misunderstanding into opportunities for learning. Team members also facilitate workshops at national conferences related to Wildwood’s work. 

Parent Multicultural Collaborative (PMC)

Parents play an important role in supporting and advancing Wildwood’s diverse community. The PMC establishes a forum so parents can learn about themselves and others through the exploration of issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. The collaborative organizes parent affinity groups, community dialogues, guest speakers, admission panels, and other events such as Multicultural Family Story Night and the Families of BIPOC Students Back to School Gathering that promote engagement and deepen community members’ sense of belonging. 

Director of Equity and Inclusion Karen Dye

Wildwood has a longstanding and respected commitment to DEIB. Our leadership team includes a full-time director of equity and inclusion, and has for 20 years. Karen Dye, whose 30+ year career as a DEIB practitioner spans both independent schools and higher education, works with students, faculty, staff, and families K-12 to provide leadership, guidance, and support to all school DEIB initiatives. Read more about Karen here

Wildwood School honors individual differences and creates conditions where all can feel safe, accepted, and empowered. 

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DEIB Mission Statement


The biggest skill that I took from Wildwood was learning how to work with other people. It’s not just that we know how to work well with each other, but that we see the value in hearing diverse perspectives.