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Elementary School Curriculum

The elementary school curriculum focuses on guiding young students as they gain confidence and agility in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science. 

A Foundation for Lifelong Learning

Dedicated teachers know their students—and know them well—to motivate and inspire. Learning becomes a process that incorporates natural curiosity and playfulness. The focus is on exploring questions, not just reciting answers. Opportunities to develop Life Skills are woven into all lessons and activities throughout, guiding social emotional development and laying a solid foundation for authentic lifelong learning.

A Vibrant World to Explore

Guided by expert, dedicated teachers, students learn to explore the world around them through social studies, reading, writing, mathematics, science, and the arts. The core curriculum also integrates technology and library use, music, physical education and health, and multiculturalism. All teaching and learning intentionally supports students as they develop skills in inquiry, information literacy, and self-expression. Experiential learning outside the classroom includes field trips and community involvement.

Project Highlight

"Sea-ing" the Connection Between Literature and Science

Utilizing design thinking, systems thinking/mapping, research, collaboration, 3D design, and 3D printing, 4th graders created their own solution to the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean.


Academic excellence and innovation join to nurture high achieving, emotionally intelligent students.

Project Highlight

Third Grade Scientists Investigate Ecosystems


Student Profile

Meet Theo P., Class of 2031



Elementary School Curriculum Guide