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Elementary School Overview

Children are active learners. They read, write stories, complete research projects, compute and solve problems, conduct science experiments, and create performances and artwork. Wildwood is a place where curiosity and enthusiasm thrives. 

Nurturing Young Learners

Each day is designed to be an adventure in hands-on activities and project-based learning. As students learn to explore the world around them through social studies, reading, writing, mathematics, science, and the arts, our dedicated teachers encourage them to find their voices, collaborate with peers, and grow as compassionate leaders.

Incubating Curiosity

From the beginning, students are engaged as leaders of their own learning. Teachers shape the learning experiences by using a Systems Thinking approach that provides students with an opportunity to make connections between themselves and the world in which they live.

Project Highlight

Young Activists Advocate for Animal Rights

Interest turns into action for kindergarten students during their opinion writing unit around problems they see in the world.


Elementary School Environment

Kindergarten through 5th grade students have an entire campus of their own to explore, with unique, age-appropriate settings that inspire creative learning and community. For instance, an outdoor classroom centered in the school garden engages students to think deeply about the natural systems around them, while our Tec D.E.C. (Design, Explore, Create) serves as both a maker studio as well as a STEM-based lab space for hands-on exploration. Meanwhile, the library, intentionally positioned just inside the campus gates, serves as a central hub for the school, with students passing through on their way to classrooms and throughout the day.

Throughout their time at the elementary campus, students are immersed in a safe and loving environment where confidence, independence, and responsibility are developed. Beginning in kindergarten, teachers balance academics with mastery of fundamental skills in critical and creative thinking. Building upon this solid foundational year, 1st through 5th grade students dive deeper into Wildwood's Life Skills and project-based learning curriculum. Fifth grade introduces students to Wildwood’s Advisory program, as well as a rotating academic schedule, to help prepare them for a seamless transition into middle school.

For over 50 years, Wildwood School has been committed to a progressive approach defined by research-driven educational practices.


Meet Katie Rios, Director of Elementary School


Elementary School

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