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All 8th and 10th grade Wildwood students culminate their year with an academic rite of passage called a Gateway. Gateway presentations act as a vehicle for students to demonstrate the skills they have developed, and subsequently, their readiness to advance to the next phase of their learning at Wildwood.


A Glimpse of Gateways and Exhibitions

Selected excerpts from Gateways and Exhibitions reveal the progression of student learning.


In a presentation before peers, teachers, family, and other guests, students tell the story of their journey as lifelong learners by analyzing and reflecting on evidence from the previous years of their education. In doing so, students strengthen their ability to present and communicate while assuming responsibility for their own learning in authentic way. At the end of their presentation, students answer challenging questions from teachers—essentially defending their thesis.

Throughout this intensive process, students develop their presentation, long-term project management, and reflection skills, with strategic support from advisors, teachers, and mentors.  These are the skills they will carry with them into the next stage of their learning in upper school and beyond.

Gateways help develop presentation, long-term project management, and reflection skills.

Arts Program

Music, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts Opportunities


Exhibitions prepare young people for democratic participation, citizenship, and lifelong learning. They function as rites of passage that help students become poised self-advocates who are able to present themselves to the world.

Jill Davidson, Coalition of Essential Schools