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Middle School Curriculum

Wildwood’s middle school curriculum offers every student intellectual and creative opportunities in an active learning environment where adolescent development is understood and fully supported. Interdisciplinary classes and programs in the humanities, STEM, world languages, and arts to tap into students’ natural curiosity while satisfying their growing desire to direct their own learning and make relevant connections between the classroom and the world.  

Developing As Young Adults

Building on the critical-thinking skills developed in elementary school, Wildwood middle school students cultivate an ability to examine and understand complex concepts, investigate and build evidence, and present findings. Along with a challenging interdisciplinary humanities course, each year of middle school includes mathematics, science, languages, arts, physical education, and a choice of electives. All teaching and learning intentionally supports students as they develop skills in inquiry, information literacy, and self-expression.

Discovering Oneself and Others

Enrichment opportunities include environmental and intergenerational community involvement, while Wildwood’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) programming explores positive identity development for every student through a range of classroom experiences, events, and clubs.


High Fashion and Higher-Level Thinking


Wildwood inspires students to explore new interests, take risks, consider different perspectives, and weigh ethical choices.

Faculty Profile

Meet Alex Cussen, Humanities Teacher



Designing a Better Future



Middle School Curriculum Guide