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College Acceptances

Wildwood graduates forge their own path, armed with confidence and curiosity as they continue their journey. Since our first graduating class in 2004, Wildwood seniors have matriculated to an impressive range of colleges across the country and internationally.


Class of '23 Journeys Onward to 44 Colleges Across the U.S.

College Acceptance List

Graduating classes of 2015-2023
*denotes at least one student enrolled

Wildwood students attend a diverse array of colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad. 


College and University Visits at Wildwood


Challenge those who dare to see you as one thing. Be known as a leader, as a friend, a performer, an academic, a creative, a scoundrel, a party person, a comedian, an activist, an underwater-welder, or anything and everything else. If there’s anything to take away from our time at this small little box together: Be boxless.LEO KURLAND ‘21