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Gateways and Senior Exhibitions

Upper school Gateways and Senior Exhibitions provide 10th and 12th grade students with the opportunity to explore who they are as learners and people in the world as they prepare for the launch into higher education and life beyond Wildwood.


A Glimpse of Gateways and Exhibitions

Selected excerpts from Gateways and Exhibitions reveal the progression of student learning.


Drawing upon the Habits of Mind and Heart, these two upper school hallmarks allow students to model the skills, thoroughness, and reflective practices that they have developed during their time at Wildwood. 

With their advisors and teachers as coaches, students reflect on their experiences in order to create a culminating self-assessment of their time at Wildwood. It’s a powerful moment that synthesizes their Wildwood journey and demonstrates the impact of their education.

Gateways and Exhibitions helpĀ develop presentation, long-term project management, and reflection skills.

Wildwood has the audacity to ask 16-year-olds to do really important things. A lot of schools want to build skills for the future. But at Wildwood, I never felt too young or too limited to do important work, in the classroom and outside the classroom.