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Upper School Curriculum

Distinctive elements of the upper school curriculum include the Institutes at Wildwood, varsity sports, nationally recognized performing and visual arts departments, and a unique internship program that’s built into the curriculum for 11th and 12th grade students. Through it all, students are asked to dig deep, think critically, and commit themselves to fully pursuing their intellectual passions both inside and outside the classroom.

Wildwood’s upper school curriculum provides an intellectually challenging experience for students as they refine the skills necessary for a successful transition to college and life beyond.

Mastery and Skill Building

Upper school students take courses in humanities, mathematics, science, literature, history, world languages, and interdisciplinary seminars. Honors courses and advanced studies are offered for students who wish to pursue additional coursework areas of special interest and abilities. Upper school arts and academic electives invite students to explore their creativity and nurture talents on campus and in the community.

In addition, the Wildwood Institute Model provides a parallel path for learning that resonates with 21st century learning skills and expectations. This path is not based on a curriculum, but instead uses authentic contexts such as a science research lab, a social leadership collaborative, or an incubator foundry.

Community Engagement and Global Citizenship

The lessons of Wildwood reverberate far beyond students’ years here. Upper school programs such as off-site internships, local and international community involvement, and the Institutes at Wildwood test student initiative while engaging students in a variety of experiences beyond the classroom. The ultimate goal of these collective experiences is to encourage young leaders to find their voice and become the most extraordinary version of themselves.


Upper School Statisticians and Historians Make Interdisciplinary Connections


The upper school promotes critical thinking through essential questions, which prompt students to synthesize their knowledge.

Project Highlight

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Student Profile

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Upper School Curriculum Guide