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Wildwood Institute Model

As  a lab for the future of education, the Wildwood Institute Model provides a parallel path for learning that resonates with 21st century learning skills and expectations. 

The Institutes at Wildwood

Unlike electives, the Institutes are set in real-world, authentic contexts such as a science research lab, a social leadership collaborative, or an incubator foundry. Participants assume roles, practices, and expectations as they navigate best practices for creating meaning and adding value to the community and to the world. Whatever work is done in that context, they do.

Students may choose to join or to participate in the Institutes at any point of their upper school experience.

Wildwood Institute Model

The WISRDing World of Wildwood

Ximena P. ‘21 shares how WISRD and her work on the hydroponics team has made her become more adaptive to challenges and creative innovation and has given her a newfound perspective on failure.


The Institutes at Wildwood were initiated through anonymous donations from the Wildwood community and support from the Edward E. Ford Foundation.

Wildwood is a hub for creating programs so different–and so successful–that we are changing the way education is delivered. 


Around the Institutes



A Conversation Between WISRD Directors