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Consulting and School Visits


The Wildwood Outreach Center custom designs and combines consulting and workshops for individual schools and school districts, helping to build learning communities that emphasize inspired, research-based teaching and learning. 

Areas of focus include:

  • Advisory programs

  • Systems thinking pedagogy

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)

  • Educational technology (EdTech)

  • Facilitative practices for teachers and administrators

  • Student-driven project-based learning

  • Instructional and assessment differentiation

  • Social-emotional learning

  • Authentic assessment

  • Graduation by exhibition

  • Internal professional development capacity building

Mind-blowing! Systems Thinking brings hope and inspiration to teaching, learning, and the future of the world. 

- Systems Thinking 101 Workshop participant

School Visits

We invite you to visit Wildwood's elementary and middle and upper campuses for a customized tour, classroom observation, and a question-and-answer session with Director of Outreach Steve Barrett. Visits give observers an overview of Wildwood's program and can be designed for specific interests.

Pricing and Further Information

School visits are offered free of charge to other schools and nonprofit organizations. To professional practitioners and for-profit centers we offer visits at $150 per person for a full day or $75 per person for a half day. Pricing for consulting options vary.

To learn more, please contact Steve at or (310) 806-4502.

Outreach Center workshops and consulting offerings can be tailored to a school's specific interests and needs. 


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