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The Advisory Toolkit

Advisory programs have emerged as one of the most powerful models for middle school and high school academic success. The program works in schools small and large, public and private. Founded on respect, communication, and values relationships, advisories establish a critical foundation for student growth.

Developing an advisory program relies on engaged implementation, and The Advisory Toolkit gives you a place to begin the work. For every school inspired to enhance the experiences of students, The Advisory Toolkit can point the way forward.


Advisory is Essential 101: Building or Rebuilding Your Program

Advisory 101 is our flagship Advisory program development workshop. Create a new Advisory program or re-tool your existing one, with a program designed to fit your school—public, charter, or private.


Proven Curriculum and Best Practices

The Advisory Toolkit is a unique two-part set published by the Wildwood Outreach Center that includes a detailed workbook and video content. The kit is designed to provide guidance and ideas for designing an advisory program that fits your school's mission and establishing a purposeful curriculum that advances student achievement.

The Advisory Toolkit contains five essential units:

  • What is Advisory: personalizing the school environment

  • Design and Implementation: your school’s profile and practice

  • Being an Advisor: insight, support, and advocacy

  • Advisory Curriculum Basics: how it works, and why

  • The Wildwood Middle and Upper School Curriculum: examples and ideas

  • Assessing Advisory: tracking outcomes 

Click here to order The Advisory Toolkit. Please contact Director of Outreach Steve Barrett if you have questions.

Wildwood faculty have hosted, mentored, and facilitated learning for more than 1,000 participants in 25 states and 12 countries.


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The Advisory Toolkit is $89.95, Plus S&H



Advisory Is Essential 102: Reboot Your Practice