Meet Tatiana Rogers

One thing that Tatiana R. learned at Wildwood is that she has a talent for running and jumping. But it wasn’t until she realized that a race is not just about winning, but also about achieving her personal best, that she began to feel truly committed to the sport.

“At first I wasn’t completely committed to running track,” she recalls. “I mean, who likes to run? But now I feel like I’m competing against myself, and it makes the sport much more compelling.”

Tatiana competed on Wildwood’s track team and for a year-round track club that she trained with after the end of the Wildwood season.

Running track has taught Tatiana some useful skills that she applied to her studies at Wildwood. “Track definitely builds up that stop-trying-you-just-gotta-do-it attitude that causes you to be more determined,” says Tatiana. “For example, math is hard for me, and it made me want to give up, but then I thought about how the 400 meters is the hardest race in track, and in the last 100 meters your legs feel so heavy you can barely move, but the finish line is right there in front of you. With math, I had to push myself to finish and learn.”

The focus on doing her personal best kept her from comparing herself to everyone else in class, and the solitary nature of running has taught her independence. “There’s not always going to be a coach there to guide you,” says Tatiana. “You need to be proactive on your own time to get better. In life there’s not always a teacher there, you have to be self-motivated and figure out what you’re not understanding.”

Wildwood School Alumni Tatiana Rogers, Class of 2010

100 & 200 meter Dasher + Scholar-Athlete + Student Council Member + Class of 2010

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