Meet Davey Bales

If Abraham Lincoln were a student at Wildwood today, he’d probably be a lot like Davey Bales: earnest and determined, quiet and focused—a true leader.

And tall.

Davey, who stands 6'4", doesn’t need to use his height to intimidate people into action. Whether he stood before the school as student council president or with his flag football team as captain, Davey had a natural gift for taking charge.

"I’ve always loved helping people and talking to people," he says. "Leadership comes from that. It allows me to contribute and lead by what I hope is a good example."

Davey started at Wildwood as a kindergartner, but didn’t see himself as a leader until middle school when he was named captain of the basketball and football teams. "Sports really contributed to my leadership roles," he says. "Playing sports taught me how to use Life Skills and the Habits.

By 10th grade, Davey was ready to branch out. He ran for and won the sophomore representative seat for student council, and it was a two-fold victory: first, because he was chosen by his peers, and second because he found a passion.

"I love the opportunity to give back to the school," he says of his student council work. "I can make changes and leave my mark in a beneficial way."

As president, his goal was to restructure the council. "I’m trying to instill a greater sense of purpose to student council, increase our efficiency, and increase the role of student council in the school," says Davey.

It’s a big job that he balanced with a demanding course load—in addition to core curriculum, he took an ethics class for his elective—plus peer mentoring, co-managed the student store, and went through the college application process. And of course, there was athletics. He was quarterback and captain of the flag football team, played basketball, and joined the golf and baseball teams.

"My favorite thing about Wildwood is that we have so many different opportunities to be involved," Davey says. "The flexibility allows students to participate in whatever they are interested in."

Among his interests is the human brain. For his senior project, Davey took a class at UCLA on psychobiology over the summer. He was fascinated by the course—and by his own ability to adapt to a traditional college class format.

"It was so different from Wildwood, with lectures and textbooks," he says. "But I knew I had the skills to succeed." Davey will take those skills with him to college as he embarks on the next leg of his educational journey. One thing is certain: whatever he does, Davey Bales will likely lead the way.

Davey Bales, Wildwood School Alumni Class of 2011

Athlete + Student Council President + Brain Enthusiast + Student Store Co-Manager + Class of 2011

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