Meet Adrian Ferenc

Adrian was a member of Wildwood's first graduating senior class. Now a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at the University of California, Irvine, Adrian vividly recalls himself as a teenager. "At the time, and it's probably still true, I was a better learner than student. I was never against gaining information and insights; I was just not the best at long-term projects." As an example, he remembers when his humanities class was given a choice of two assignments. He marveled that his good friend resolved her indecision by opting to do both. "I, on the other hand," he says, jokingly, "probably did neither. I found it inconceivable that someone would do twice as much work as necessary."

Despite his laissez-faire attitude, Adrian recalls being nurtured at Wildwood in a way that guided him toward his passion. "I don't remember it, but a reliable source told me that I walked out of a math class and said, 'I could do math for the rest of my life.' I knew that the concept of just doing math appealed to me and that physics or chemistry didn't."

Adrian earned his bachelor's degree from Occidental College. There, he enjoyed bonding with his math professors. But the highlight of his college career, Adrian says, was creating a weekly crossword puzzle for the college newspaper and anointing himself the puzzle editor. Adrian also developed an enduring interest in music, and he is the proud owner of 1,500 CDs. When he finishes his doctoral work in abstract algebra, Adrian's goal is to teach advanced topics in math, an experience he first savored as a substitute teacher at Wildwood.

Wildwood School Alumni Class of 2004, Adrian Ferenc

Member of Wildwood's First Graduating Class of 2004 + Math Whiz + Paris Passionné + Reluctant Traveler + Stealth Achiever

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