Meet Lori Strauss

When Lori Strauss, Wildwood’s associate head of school, contemplates the future for our students, she reflects on the enormous opportunity they have in today’s multidimensional, complex world.

"Wildwood’s program understands that not much in our world is silo’d today, and it provides students with hands-on experience collaborating, solving big problems—ones that are relevant and applicable—and enhancing their relationship to community," Lori said. She is particularly excited that project-based learning is one of the great differentiators of a Wildwood education because it truly prepares students for what they will experience beyond the walls of the school.

During any given day at Wildwood, students and adults are exposed to deeply complex, multi-layered conversations and to diverging perspectives. "Our students have a robust opportunity inside and outside the classroom to develop their passions, take risks, and cultivate a lifelong love of learning," Lori said. "Healthy adolescents thrive when surrounded by numerous adults who serve as coaches, mentors, advocates, and advisors in their lives."

Teaching and learning at Wildwood is a dynamic process that occurs in the classroom, the Los Angeles Community, and internationally. This is where Lori thrives. "I love participating in the active pursuit of understanding complex issues and situations."

Lori has over sixteen years of experience in education, a master’s degree in social welfare from UCLA, and an undergraduate degree in psychology and communications from the American University.

Associate Head of School Lori Strauss

Associate Head of School + Loyal Friend + Voracious Reader + Contemporary Dance Enthusiast

K–12th grades, authentically progressive since 1971.

Elementary School

12201 Washington Place
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