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Hour of Code Sparks Curiosity and Ingenuity K-12

Hour of Code Sparks Curiosity and Ingenuity K-12

As Wildwood students learn to be responsible, and curious digital citizens, they use technology to enhance how they learn and share information with others. At Wildwood, students dive deeper, looking “behind the screen” to learn to write and execute computer code in various programs.

Hour of Code initially began as a global grass-roots campaign to demystify computer code with a short one-hour lesson. At Wildwood, this effort has evolved into a week-long experience with multiple fun, innovative, and hands-on lessons, curated by our technology department and educational technology coaches. Previous years’ programs have even included a student-led Q&A with a panel of programmers and executives from companies like Snapchat, Blockchain, and Electronic Arts.

While students are exposed to technology and its applications throughout the school year, Hour of Code is a unique opportunity to simply play and get inspired. Activities are age-appropriate and have included: programming robots and cars to navigate around obstacles; coding a poll about their favorite foods; using individual dance moves as pieces of code to better understand how to make expressions; building robots to solve real-world issues; and flying a drone safely through a number of obstacles.

  • Winter 2019