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The Habit of Collaboration Finds a Home in the New CO:LAB

The Habit of Collaboration Finds a Home in the New CO:LAB

What does a library look like in a lab for the future of education? For one thing, it is anything but quiet.

Thanks to the successful Foundation for the Future campaign, Wildwood School’s middle and upper campus library was renovated and reimagined as the CO:LAB, opening for students in fall 2021. The space, complete with cozy nooks, couches, and reconfigurable work spaces, serves as a dedicated hub for students and faculty to gather and inspire.

At any time of day, the CO:LAB is a hive of activity. You’ll see small groups of students tackling a project, a presentation to seniors from the college counseling team, a student working with the librarian to begin research for a new project, an Advisory activity, students working in Homework Cafe, or a meeting of a club or affinity group.

The physical space encourages students to embrace the Habits of Mind and Heart—to collaborate, to connect, to share different perspectives, and to serve their communities. Adjacent to the CO:LAB is the space for the Wildwood Institute for Social Leadership (WISL). The WISL space is also glass-fronted, providing a front row seat to WISL’s work for all community members. The space can be split into two separate spaces—currently, one side is an upper school classroom.

“I really enjoy being able to come down here and study by myself or with friends,” says Mia R. ‘24. “It’s a great space for group work and projects.”

And of course, true to its name, it’s also a great space for practicing the Habit of Collaboration as students synthesize knowledge and prepare for life beyond Wildwood.

  • fall 2021