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Meet Grace H., Class of 2022

Senior Grace H. is an artist and an athlete. When she and her family were looking for the right-fit high school, she originally didn’t think Wildwood would make the cut because it was a 45-minute drive from her home in the San Fernando Valley. But in the end, distance was no obstacle.

“Wildwood was 100% the right choice for me,” says Grace. “At most schools, you can only do arts or sports. You can’t do both. But Wildwood said, ‘Go ahead, do both. We’ll coordinate your schedule so you can do both.’ That really stuck with me.”

Grace is a musician who also enjoys performing in musical theater. She played basketball during her freshman and sophomore year and has been on the volleyball team for all four years. She’s also a student ambassador and member of the Wildwood Institute for Incubation and Entrepreneurship (WIE).

Wildwood provides such a unique experience and numerous opportunities for us as students to better understand ourselves. Project-based learning gives us the chance to infuse our personalities into our learning in whatever creative way we’re most drawn to.- Grace H., Class of 2022

“I think Wildwood is really set up so that what you put in is what you're going to get out,” says Grace. “It's really about pushing yourself and growing yourself.”

Grace really enjoys project-based learning but has discovered that, at Wildwood, it’s more than a trendy descriptor.

“At my previous school, we did a project at the end of every unit and called it project-based learning,” says Grace, “but at Wildwood, the project basically teaches you the unit rather than learning a unit and then doing a project based on that unit. I definitely learn best through hands-on work, just diving in, experiencing self-discovery. At Wildwood, I get to do lots of different things and experience all different sides of myself.”

Grace is very grateful for the Wildwood faculty who have been the stewards of her growth for the past four years.

“The incredible faculty and staff here have helped me grow in so many ways,” says Grace. “They've helped me feel more confident and comfortable with myself. All of my teachers have been smart and kind. They genuinely want to see their students progress and achieve their goals, and I'm grateful for that.”