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Meet Jaimi Boehm, Director of Middle School

Whether it’s bungee jumping, skydiving, or ordering the most interesting item on the menu, Director of Middle School Jaimi Boehm isn’t afraid to take risks and explore the unknown. It’s a trait she hopes to instill in Wildwood’s middle school students.

“So much self-learning, especially at the middle school level, is gained through exploration and trial-and-error,” Jaimi says. “While many of these daily experiences are often purely incidental, they can also be sought out, planned, and intentional.


Jaimi Boehm Featured on NAIS Member Voices Podcast

Listen to Director of Middle School Jaimi Boehm share her experiences and recommendations.


Wildwood’s middle school program incorporates these types of moments for self-discovery within classroom lessons and school activities every day, Jaimi says. The result is adolescents who feel empowered as individuals as they build and strengthen skills in reflection and deep, thoughtful learning.

A life-long lover of reading, Jaimi pursued a degree in English and American Literature at New York University, followed by a masters degree in Literature from Cal State-Northridge. Prior to Wildwood, she taught upper school English at a Los Angeles-area school, where she increasingly broadened her responsibilities to include director of student life, student council advisor, English department chair, and dean of faculty development.   

“My philosophy has always been, when an open door appears, walk through it,” Jaimi says. “I’ve always been curious about what’s out there, what can I learn, and how can I apply it to my daily life—and I love that there’s a school that exists with that same mindset.”

In her first visit to Wildwood, Jaimi was struck by a conversation she overheard between an athletics coach and student discussing a schedule conflict with an  upcoming game and play rehearsal.

“That conversation just wouldn’t happen at other schools, because that student—equally committed to two different pursuits—just wouldn’t be able to exist,” Jaimi says. “Wildwood students know that not only can they explore new and multiple passions, but that there is an entire pool of adults—teachers, staff, coaches—that are there to support them.”

It’s part of the ethos of Wildwood that Jaimi herself has experienced as an educator, parent, and colleague.

Outside of Wildwood, Jaimi can be found spending time with her young family, or engrossed in the latest novel or podcast.

“It’s no secret that I’m a bit obsessed with podcasts!” Jaimi jokes. 

Recently, she’s taken this passion to deeper levels, appearing as a guest on the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) podcast Member Voices. It’s just one example of putting her own philosophy into action, taking each moment as an opportunity to learn, grow, and discover.