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Meet Kristin Hampton, Director of Institutional Advancement

Driven by the ideals of family, friendship, and philanthropy, Kristin has dedicated her career to working in development for the nonprofit sector. At Wildwood, she’s found a place where all three flourish.

With a BA in psychology and master’s in public administration from California State University- Northridge, Kristin began her career as a development coordinator for a community college foundation, establishing a foothold in philanthropic work. From there, she continued to build her skill set at a hospital foundation before shifting into independent school philanthropy. 

One of my favorite things about the independent school environment, and Wildwood in particular, is just how close knit and supportive it is. As the children grow up together, so too does the parent community, and both end up making friendships that last long after their time at Wildwood—that’s a really special thing.- Kristin Hampton, Director of Institutional Advancement

Prior to Wildwood, Kristin spent nearly a decade at the Polytechnic School in Pasadena. During that time, her role progressed from advancement services to major gifts work, working in the capacity of a chief operating officer for the advancement office. It was her role in a different capacity, however, that would eventually lead her to Wildwood.  

In 2014, Kristin accompanied the California Association of Independent Schools accreditation committee on its visit to Wildwood, where they were responsible for evaluating Wildwood’s operations and standards.

“It was my first experience witnessing a progressive school first-hand, and I was blown away,” Kristin says. “I just never realized that school could be that innovative. From then on, Wildwood remained on my radar.”

When the opportunity arose to join Wildwood in 2018 as Director of Institutional Advancement, “I jumped at it,” Kristin says.

As Kristin looks to the future at Wildwood, she hopes to further grow its legacy of generosity.

“I'm excited to continue to build upon the momentum we had for the Foundation for the Future Capital Campaign,” Kristin says. “Its success is a testament to how ready the community is to support the school and to be proud of their philanthropy.”