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Meet Michelle Meena, Director of Head’s Office and Board Relations

What do the music industry and K-12 education have in common? Both rely on tenacity, hyper-organization, multitasking, and the ability to connect with a multitude of people. Fortunately, those are the exact same qualities one would use to describe Michelle Meena, Wildwood’s Director of Head’s Office and Board Relations.

Michelle spent decades working in L.A.’s music industry before eventually owning her own record label with her husband. As that project winded down, Michelle was looking for her next adventure, and found it at Wildwood.

Like everyone else says, Wildwood really is all about the community, and its warmth, open-mindedness, and humor really make this a special place to call home.- MICHELLE MEENA, DIRECTOR OF HEAD'S OFFICE AND BOARD RELATIONS

A close friend who worked at Wildwood suggested it would be the perfect place for Michelle’s next move. When a position in the Head of School office opened up, Michelle threw her hat into the ring.

Eleven years later, not only has that friend’s prediction come true, but now it’s hard for Michelle to imagine being anywhere else.

In her role, Michelle works closely with Head of School Landis Green and coordinates the many moving pieces involving the Head’s Leadership Team, Board of Trustees, and various school events including culmination and graduation.

Outside of work, this Los Angeles native takes full advantage of the California sunshine, enjoying bike riding, swimming, and long walks outdoors as she splits her time between Los Angeles and the Palm Springs areas. While she’s no longer an industry insider, music remains her first love.

“Music will always be a part of my life,” Michelle says.  "As things begin to open back up, I can’t wait to start seeing live shows again!”