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Technology at Wildwood is where academic excellence and cutting-edge innovation combine, preparing our students to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. Beginning in elementary and progressing through middle and upper, students develop a comfort with technology, understanding its ubiquity, global impact, and the affordances it may bring to their studies and lives.


Hour of Code Sparks Curiosity and Ingenuity K-12

While students are exposed to technology and its applications throughout the school year, Hour of Code is a unique opportunity to simply play and get inspired.


Digital Citizenship

K-12 technology integration is no longer just about introducing devices in the classroom—it’s about ensuring that students are becoming safe, responsible, and effective digital citizens in and outside of the classroom. Wildwood students understand their digital footprint, respect other people’s creations, and protect their personal information. Alongside coursework, digital citizenship is integrated into Advisory and Contemporary Multicultural Issue (CMI) programs, in which students delve into topics such as media literacy, cyberbullying, and the role technology can play in their well-being.

Wildwood students K-12 develop a comfort with technology, understanding that it is an evolving tool that integrates into their coursework and their lives.


Introducing Wildwood's New CO:LAB