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What Makes Us Wildwood?

Wildwood is committed to mastery and skill building

Wildwood combines academic excellence with innovative practices to nurture high achieving, emotionally intelligent students who are uniquely prepared to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Life Skills

In elementary school, personal qualities and abilities known as Life Skills are woven into the daily fabric of the curriculum and inform every aspect of the program. As students master these skills, they gain ease with others and life transitions, adapting to change and challenges as they advance to middle school and beyond. 

Habits of Mind and Heart

Wildwood’s middle and upper school program is built around developing Habits of Mind and Heart that will serve students in their lifelong pursuit of learning. Our curriculum, assignments, and assessments are based on these Habits.


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A Progressive Approach to a Dynamic K-12 Curriculum

For over 50 years, Wildwood School has been committed to a progressive approach defined by research-driven educational practices, emphasizing project-based learning, multidisciplinary methodology, and narrative-based assessments that put students at the center of their education.

Faculty Profile

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