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What Makes Us Wildwood?

Wildwood is a participatory adventure

Wildwood is a participatory adventure where students take an active role in their education—developing skills to advocate for their own learning and interests.

Students as Advocates

Beginning with the elementary curriculum and continuing through middle and upper, Wildwood teaches students how to think—not what to think—challenging them to evolve into creative problem solvers. Our reflective assessment process emphasizes critical thinking, collaboration, and reflection—developing the essential skills for life beyond the classroom.  

Knowledge in a Real-World Context

The Institutes at Wildwood provide the context for students to generate and share knowledge in a real-world context, often graduating with real-world accolades.


Learning in a Real-World Context: How the Institutes at Wildwood Empower Students to Become Leaders of Their Own Learning


Innovative Internship Program

Internships are vital for preparing the next generation of leaders, so much so that they are a requirement for graduation and part of the school day for juniors and seniors. Through this unique program, students take their learning beyond Wildwood’s walls to explore careers of their own interests, develop social skills for a professional setting, and build their college resumes.

Comprehensive College Counseling​​

As part of the college counseling process, we encourage students to explore, to further develop their interests, define their talents, and deepen their values. Wildwood’s college counselors empower students to direct their own searches by providing information, advice, reflection. We work closely with students and their families to find a college or university that will enrich the life of the student—a place where each student can build on the already strong educational foundation established at Wildwood.


Inspiring Curiosity and Advocacy



A Time for Self-Discovery and Expanding Worlds