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Flexible Tuition Process and Forms

To facilitate a smooth experience for families, Wildwood uses a third-party service, Blackbaud Financial Aid Management (formerly Smart Aid), to structure its objective Flexible Tuition analysis/for its Flexible Tuition analysis. Blackbaud Financial Aid Management offers families a secure online application system. Information entered in Blackbaud Financial Aid Management is shared confidentially with Wildwood’s Flexible Tuition committee. All information regarding who receives Flexible Tuition is also confidential.

Click here for the instruction handout, which includes information on how to create an account and types of documentation needed.


Meet Francesca Bill, Kindergarten Teacher

Francesca describes Wildwood students as being curious, empathic, collaborative, and engaged. It starts with teachers staying open to what children want to learn and how they want to learn.


How to Apply for Flexible Tuition

  • Check the appropriate box on Wildwood’s application that says "Do you plan to apply for Flexible Tuition?"

  • Once your student’s online application is submitted, you may begin the Blackbaud Financial Aid Management application by clicking on the icon found under Flexible Tuition Process and Forms.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Alberto Duarte in the business office at (310) 806-4531 or Click here for Flexible Tuition FAQs.

To begin your Flexible Tuition application starting Dec. 1, go to the Blackbaud Financial Aid Management website. 

Important Flexible Tuition Dates and Deadlines:

  • Flexible Tuition Blackbaud Financial Aid Management application becomes available: Dec. 1

  • Flexible Tuition application deadline: Jan. 31

Wildwood is committed to providing Flexible Tuition for the duration of a student's time here.


Blackbaud Financial Aid Management Application